Through many years of experience we can say:


We know our way around quality

Originally NAVAL SPARES comes from the special field of ship superstructures and in particular the crane systems. However, the years have shown that our customers are so satisfied with the quality of our services that they want to be supplied by us in other segments of ship technology. And so we have successively expanded our product range.

Original factory parts


An original part is a safe bet as this part was originally installed when it was new. It was specially manufactured by the brand. With genuine parts, you can be sure that you are using a product with proven safety standards. People may tell you that original spare parts are expensive because you pay for the brand. Not true … you pay for quality and a predetermined manufacturing standard.

Original brands


Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM are parts of the original brand. They are exactly the same as the original built-in part. They just do not carry the logo. They are the same as original parts and work the same way. You can count on compatibility and performance. Most OEM parts are cheaper.

True to original replica


Replacement parts are manufactured by a company other than the original brand-company. The problem is that they can vary considerably in terms of quality and price. Aftermarket replacement parts can be cheaper than an genuine or OEM product, which means they are good value for money. Through our years of experience, we can provide you with reliable and high quality replacement parts.

NAVAL SPARES delivers parts of all three categories. We maintain the best contacts directly to well-known brand manufacturers, their producers and other companies that are, for example, able to replicate parts that are no longer available as single pieces or small series exactly. For most brand companies we are licensed distributors. For parts that are no longer available, we can manufacture replicates based on samples or corresponding blueprints. If you want an official certification in addition to the tested quality for an individual production, we can also provide this.

Which category you choose depends on several factors that we would like to advise you on. You can be sure of one thing though; we will never offer you anything that we ourselves do not classify as a quality product.


Spare parts, service, inspections, overload tests for the following brand companies and others


Spare parts, service and inspections for the following brand companies

Hydraulic Pneumatics

Spare parts, pumps, valves, filters and hydraulic cylinders for the following brand companies


Spare parts for the following brand companies


All parts for the following brand companies


By following brand companies

Steel cable

For the following brand companies

Custom made products

In the event that no original spare parts are more available or for other reasons — we are your partner for custom made products



Naval Spares has access to experienced service engineers both in the office and during operations. These engineers have very good experience with most cranes such as MAC GREGOR, LIEBHERR, NMF, TTS and Asian cranes like TSUJI, IHI and others. This allows us to assist our customers with Remote Trouble Shooting, with the organization and coordination of worldwide service, and with the organization of overload tests, if required.
We rely on our network of about 20 freelancers (mostly former technicians of different manufacturers). These are stationed at various places worldwide. We offer annual crane inspections for your cranes. You will receive a detailed report with our recommendations for parts and service. And we’ll tell you what needs to be done right away (safety-related work) and what to wait for the next docking. This increases the reliability of your cranes and reduces both off-hire time and costs. It is a valuable tool for your budget planning.



Lifting, navigating, loading and unloading, to name just a few examples, would not be possible without hydraulics. Hydraulic plants, cylinders, aggregates, pumps, motors and valves can be found in all facilities and areas of a ship. We supply spare parts as well as complete units for all applications. From the smallest sealing ring through valves to the large hydraulic motor or cylinder — no problem. We also offer you overhauls and repairs of your components. This work is carried out in authorized workshops of well-known companies.



We supply valves and spare parts of all well-known companies. Applications include main and auxiliary diesel, generators and compressors. Furthermore, pneumatic control and regulating valves find their place in various components of all kinds.



For safety reasons, absolute product loyalty is required here, according to our philosophy. This means in detail that e. g. ABB components should also be replaced by ABB components. The system manufacturer has built his systems in conjunction with the respective electrical company. Thus, the individual elements have been tested accordingly and are considered safe. Mixing now the electrical components with those of other manufacturers, this could lead to problems and thus possibly to the failure of the system.



Compressors are one of the most important systems on board and should therefore be serviced and constantly checked. Especially for starter compressors absolute priority of reliability applies. Here, no compromises should be made for cost reasons. A ship’s diesel must be ready to go at any time to guarantee short lay times. SAUER & SOHN, SPERRE, HATLAPA, NEUENHAUSER, TAMROTOR etc. are leaders in the compressor sector.



They help extend the life of the diesel. In addition, environmental protection begins by separating off water and unwanted foreign matter. Previously, two devices were placed in series. Nowadays, usually only one system is needed for both applications. The most commonly used brands are GEA WESTFALIA and ALFA LAVAL.



Pumps of all kinds and in all possible configurations are on board. The areas range from fuel and lubricant pumps, pumps for drinking water supply to wastewater pumps. Depending on the medium, appropriate guidelines must be followed, e. g. high temperature resistance, oil and seawater resistance and highest purity in the field of drinking water and fresh water treatment.

Steel Cable


Again, no compromises should be made because of security. Steel cables are just as important on the crane as for example the engine. Unfortunately, steel cables are exposed to the most adverse environmental conditions. In addition to seawater and sea air, heat, cold and dirt add to the ropes. It is therefore essential to check the ropes regularly. Mechanical influences from worn / broken sheaves can also shorten the life of the rope very much. If a crane rope has become too thin in diameter, this rope renders the sheave unusable. A new crane rope can then be used only with new sheaves, since the groove bottom (radius) in the existing sheave has become too small due to abrasion. Now, the new rope would be squeezed and thus unusable in no time. We exclusively sell ropes from WDI (PYTHON), TEUFELBERGER (original equipment supplier for LIEBHERR cranes).